The lecturers in Abia Polytechnic disrupted the 24th matriculation ceremony of the institution.


Lecturers had embarked on an indefinite strike on Monday over the nonpayment of their 11 months arrears of salary and 14 months check-off dues.

The lecturers stormed the matriculation venue disrupted the ceremony until they later vacated the area and continued with their protest at the gate of the school.

The placards were; directed to the area where the commissioner for education Prof. Ezionye Eboh and other principal officers of the polytechnic.


Prof. Eboh commits academic sacrilege,internal Auditor bears polytechnic mace, cleaners dressed in academic sacrilede, internal Auditor bears polytechnic mace,cleaner dressed in academic regalia, our retired colleages are dying, please, pay 18 months pension arrears.

The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Polytechnics, SSANIP, comrade Nwachukwu chuks and the Vice Chairman, ASUP, comrade EmelikeNdubueze Ogbonnaye, condemned the engagement of the non academic staff like cleaners, clerks and messengers nd dressing them up in academic gowns for the matriculation ceremony, stressing that such had never happened in the institution.

The worker deserves his wages. Tt’s unfair for management to go ahead and conduct matriculation ceremony and forced members to come to work without salaries. We are on strike.

We came here today to show the school authorities and everyone around that the matrix is illegal. The management decided to use non-academic staff, cleaners,and messengers and robed them in the academic gowns. it ‘s sacrilegious.

What they have committed today is academic sacrilege. When a non-academic staff holds the polytechnic mace which is; our symbol of authority. What could be more sacrilegious than that.

When she was contacted, acting public relations officer of the polytechnic; Mrs chinyere Eze, said she was busy with matriculation ceremony and cannot respond to enquiries.