Computer Science Summer Camp
Monday, July 30 – Thursday, August 2
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Check in: 8:45 a.m. – Madonna University Computer Lab – Ford Motor Company Technology Wing of the Main Administration Building


Madonna University’s Computer Science Summer Camp is a great opportunity for boys and girls heading into grades 8th-12th to develop new skills and actively participate in four Computer Science fields. Everyone will have the chance to create their own mobile app, build a website, work on a hands on robotics kit and so much more! Four days, each devoted to a specific topic in Computer Science.

Summer Camp is limited to 25 students. Register soon to reserve your spot

All participants will receive a complimentary Madonna University flash drive upon check in!

Camp Details & Featured Topics
Cost: $200 covers all four days (includes a robot kit for each student)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Summer Campers will learn by exploring many different aspects of robotics technology such as how sensors, actuators, motors and controllers function and interact to create robotic movement. It is a great chance to expand your knowledge about the future of robotics in the modern world.

By combining this new knowledge with a hands-on camp opportunity, kids will each build their own small robot from a kit (provided in the cost of the camp) and take it home at the end of the day for future learning and experimentation – or just for fun showing others.

Mobile Apps:
Summer Campers will create their own Android mobile application that can be used on Android devices. Using the (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT App Inventor, campers will leap into practical mode by learning how to use it and how to build personalized apps.

At camp, they will run the App on an emulator, then learn how to load an App to an Android device to show all their friends the Apps they can create. Android mobile devices have the largest market share over any other available platform, with more than 3 million Apps now on Google Play.

Computer Programming:
Whether you want to be the next cybersecurity engineer, a programmer for self-driving cars or work in any number of other financially-lucrative computer programming careers – get your start at the Madonna Computer Science Summer Camp where campers will learn the basics of computer programming by implementing code that utilizes loops, conditional structures, and variables, as well as learning how to add graphics to their programs while developing introductory coding skills.

As part of the session, summer campers will learn about encryption; which dates back centuries to the time of Julius Caesar. By developing cryptographic abilities, campers will learn how. Using programming techniques – can be used to encode and decode their own encrypted messages; so they can send secrets back and forth.

Web Design:
Campers will learn how to create and customize their own website using HTML, CSS and WordPress! With the ability to choose from many templates, campers will design a website; for an area of personal interest such as a fan site for a favorite sports team or TV show.


Once campers solidify their concept, they will select a theme and lay out of the website. Text and graphics are; added, making up the basic components of the website. After the essentials of the website are; established, campers learn how to code in HTML and CSS to edit text on web pages; and enhance the design of their sites.