The university of Lagos holds induction and awards of Institute and Information Management.


The Institutes mission is to ensure that that information management professionals abreast the current and future challenges associated with management information in an ear of Social, mobile cloud and big data.

The institute is looking forward gaining respect from the Africa influence trends and the educational requirement driving the development of the professions.

Also the institute has consistently achieved high standard, certification, competence and research in delivering value to its membership globally.


The Ambassador governing the association Oyedokun A. Oyewole was; re-elected as; anew president of the institute.

He said you need to write entrance exam, neither is; it restricted to a particular profession.

This is; to help everyone get trained, to enable them get and manage data.

The institute enjoys a lot of value added benefits and corporate organizations.

Individuals benefit validate your information management knowledge skills, practice and opportunity to enroll the institutes professional examination certification.

They also get recognition for their qualification, experience and expertise.

The get membership discounts on local and international training, seminars , workshops and lectures.

The cooperative organizations,optimum productive, efficiency and quality of work.

It creates a positive corporate image, reduce the risk of organizations and ensures corporate compliance.