A 19-year-old Mass Communication girl  understudy took to Facebook to show how she sells sachet water to see her self through school as opposed to laying down with men to accomplish it.



Paris Diamond, a 19-year-old Mass Communication girl  understudy of the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri, Imo State, birds of prey satchet water each end of the week, sells Jollof rice in school, among other trivial tradings to bring in cash.

Taking to Facebook on Sunday, Mis Diamond shared photographs of herself peddling satchet water and said that she favors doing such occupations than laying down with men for cash.

“I offer unadulterated water to purchase course books for myself in school and some of the time use it to take care of tabs

I go to the market each Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday evening after chapel ,  appreciate doing it since I do get cash for a couple of reading material in 2 days.


incline toward doing this than laying down with men for cash Yes I kill yet think about what is unadulterated water business. I sell right around 7 or 8 packs a day relying upon the day of reckoning . I’m a mass correspondence understudy.

Some of the time my companions will resemble “angel this unadulterated water business no fit u o” I grin and disclose to them I love it. I’m a Nigerian author as well, I have two books and one show I have distributed as of now however because of cash issue I was unable to make bunches of duplicates.

Here and there when I return I will tired to peruse yet I attempt my best. I hustle unadulterated water and once in a while sell jellof rice in school, I make hair, shoes and garments with this my little however compelling business”