Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020/2021 Application Portal Updates.


Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020: This information is for the next generation of aspiring smart workers. As such, if you’re a young-aspiring and smart person, note. Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020 is offering an opportunity for you to achieve your dreams.


In this article you shall get vital information about this scholarship. Also, key FAQs about the scholarship will be addressed. As such, keep calm and read through. You’ll like what you’ll get.
Mike Rowe Foundation
The Mike Rowe Foundation is a public charity organization. It rewards people who have a passion to become educated for skilled jobs. Also, the foundation believes that Skill and Work Ethic aren’t Taboo (S.W.E.A.T.).



Also, the Foundation works to fundamentally improve the elements of civilization. And of food, energy and education. Also, to improve the very nature of work itself in the US.

The foundation speaks about the country’s dysfunctional relationship with work. Also, it highlights the widening skills gap. And challenges the persistent belief. Which is that a four-year degree is automatically the best path for the most people.

Furthermore, the Foundation provides financial assistance to qualified individuals. This is through its scholarship programs. Which includes the Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Additionally, the foundation has been instrumental in granting more than $3 million. This is in education for trade schools across the country.

Level/Field of Study of Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020
The scholarship is intended for high school freshmen. Also, it’s for undergraduate. And for graduate students.

Host Nationality of Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020
Please take note of this information. This scholarship is to be taken in the United States.

Eligible Nationality
The scholarship is available to all U.S citizens.

The Amount of Mike Rowe Scholarship
You may want to know how much is involved in the scholarship. There’s absolutely not any maximum on the amount of an individual award. Also, each award amounts is subject to confirmation. This is by the faculty of the award recipient’s program cost.

However, please take note of this information. It has in total a financial benefit of about more than $400,000. Thus, if selected as a recipient, you’ll be given a one-time award. Also, please note. Awards are only for the college tuition cost. This is at an approved vocational or comparable trade-related program.
Also, know this. The amounts of the awards is decided by the Works Foundation. Additionally, you should know this. Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020 has only 150 applications offers. May be this number can be raised in future. Also, Mike Rowe Scholarship gets awards a free college tuition. And, also, other study expenses.

Requirements for Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020
Below are some of the requirements for this scholarship:

You must be High school seniors, graduates or GED equivalent.
Also, the category above must be enrolled or intending to enroll in a licensed two-year college. And, in vocational and technical school. Or, other approved technical institute in the U.S.
Also, you must be enrolled or planning to enroll in an approved vocational program. Or comparable trade-related program.
Additionally, please take note. Past recipients of a Mike Rowe Scholarship are not eligible.
Other Required Documents
Other required documents for Mike Rowe scholarship 2020 are:

Transcript of grades. Please note this. Applicants must include high school, vo-tech or college transcripts. This is of grades from each school attended. Also, note this. Grade reports aren’t approved.
Furthermore, a copy of page one from most recently filed IRS Form 1040 is required.
Also, 2 (2) finished Reference Questionnaires is required.
Additionally, completed S.W.E.A.T. Pledge Short Answer Questions is required.
And a complete school cost form is required.
Application Procedures
To apply for this scholarship, follow this link: http://www.scholarsapply.org/mikeroweworks/register.php

Application Deadline
It is pertinent you note this. The deadline for the Mike Rowe Scholarship 2019 was on May 15, 2019. However, for the 2020 edition, the deadline isn’t fixed yet. But, just be ready for it. It can be yours to grab.

FAQs About Mike Rowe Scholarship 2020