Minister of Education Adamu Adamu has said; N350bn was; released to states and the FCT to enhance basic education in four years.


Mr Adamu made the remarks at a media briefing. He said the money was released between 2015 and 2018.

He said; funding of basic education increased significantly, despite low earnings from oil prices.He said in 2015, matching and non-conditional grants disbursements to 15 states and the FCT amounted to N68.4bn while in 2016, grants disbursements to 29 states and the FCT were N77bn.

Minister of Education



The minister of education said, in 2017, a total of N95bn was; disbursed to 24 states and the FCT, and another N109bn to 20 states and the FCT.

He said the disbursements included, “Matching grants, educational imbalance fund, special educational fund, good performance fund, instructional materials funds, teacher professional development fund, as well as UBEC implementation and monitoring funds across; geopolitical zones as attached.”

By contrast, in the six years preceding the Buhari Administration, between 2009 and 2014, the government expended about; N360bn on basic education covering textbooks, teacher development, construction of classrooms and library resources among others.