Queen Testimony Williams Ugochi, Miss Ambassador for Peace Africa, has taken; her Peace Education Campaign to schools of internally Displaced persons in Kunchingoro, an outskirt community in Abuja so as to sustain initiative against; violence in some crisis prone area across Nigeria.


Her visit to the IDP school in Kunchingoro witnessed several gift presentations and donations to students and teachers, as well as; some financial contributions to the management and administration of the school.

The high points of her visit was when Queen Testimony Williams, gave out scholarship to 10 pupils of the schools, with concrete promises to ensure that; they further their education after; the scholarship program.

She however, called on UBEC, seeking that Peace Education should be; enshrined in primary and secondary school curriculum, so as to improve the necessity for peace at all levels.


Miss Ambassador



Queen Testimony Williams was; accompanied to the IDP school by nollywood Actor I see Usman, Chuks Chyke, VARDIAFRICA Project Director Amb. Daniel Obadini, showbiz persons, Abuja Enterpreneurs and popular entertainers from; across Abuja and Africa most largest media outfit, the Africa Independent Television – AIT.

The retinue of prominent and public figures left a sense of belonging, care and love in the hearts of pupils in the school.

The visit to the IDP school was; powered by Peace  MISS Ambassador Agency and was indeed proudly supported by Amb. Kingsley Amafibe Peace Foundation.

Queen Testimony has thanked Amb. Kingsley Amafibe, the CEO of Peace MISS Ambassador Agency, for his support and motivation in this impact program for IDPs.

In a reaction, Amb. Amafibe stated that the peace education campaign, was in view of the organization’s visionary initiative to continually promote peace and non-violence across Nigeria.

He stressed that the visit to IDP school signifies their nationwide campaign for peace oriented engagements and national development.