A number of women who went to a missionary school in Kenya have taken to Twitter to claim that; a number of the girls were drugged and molested in the school and their nun excused this by claiming the girls were possessed.

It took one Twitter user to make; the accusations and a number of other girls, who claim they went to the same school, corroborated the story.

The girls said that they would hear other girls screaming all through the night. The nun told them the girls were demon possessed and that the devil was refusing to leave them. Meanwhile, the girls were actually being sexually assaulted, and they claim they found out about this later.


The name of the Missionary school where this allegedly happened is Maryhill Girls’ High School, in Thika, Nairobi, Kenya.

Maryhill High is a school built on the foundation of missionary school work. The sisters in charge of the school were referred to as “White Sisters” because of their white habit.

The Twitter user wrote:

That the girls in our high missionary school who we were told were “demon possessed” were actually being drugged and molested for weeks and we could hear them screaming throughout the night but the nun told us it was ‘the devil’ refusing to leave them.

She added:

The school is Maryhill thika….the nun was the principal.we barely went to class, spent all our days “praying with the pastors” at first it was great cos we skipped class but a month in, everyone was uneasy.the”demon possessed” were kept in the nuns house and “prayed” for..

In another tweet, she wrote:


What really happened in the house I don’t know for sure, but one of the girls just spoke up via a forum on telegram and all the things that happened during that period are coming back to us…we had all pushed it to the back of our minds.