MTSU promises to end parking woes as campus grows

Middle Tennessee State University, MTSU broke ground on a new, $39.6 million-dollar building Tuesday.


The three-story Behavior Health & Science building will put criminal justice, psychology and social work students in one building for the first time.

Those are some of the fastest-growing majors on the campus, according to MTSU President Dr. Sidney McPhee.

But with that growth comes a need for more parking — an issue MTSU battles every year.


“My interest is in students, paying the faculty better, and more facilities,” MTSU Trustee Steve Smith told News4. “I want parking to be adequate, but it’s way down my list.”

However, good news for parking-distressed students is coming.

“Now that we have it, and because of the growth of the university, we have a parking garage on the drawing board that will help alleviate the situation for our students,” McPhee said.

The new building will be completed by the summer of 2020.

As for the parking dilemma, McPhee advises students to plan in advance, get to campus early and take advantage of campus shuttles.