Non-Academic staff union VOWS NOT TO RESUME WORK.

Non-Academic staff union educational and Associated institutions, NASU, has vowed not resume to work until the federal government settled the N9billion arrears owned its members.


The joint action committee, JAC, of the three non teaching staff unions in the universities comprising NASU, SSANU, and NAAT had embarked on the strike last December over non- payment of earned allowances among other things speaking yesterday, in Abuja General Secretary NASU, MR peter Adeyemi said the union would sustain the on -going strike research and development institutions across the country.

Adeyemi said the union would do anything possible, but within the law, to ensure government their demand including staging a protest at national Assembly. He blamed the current strike in research institutes on the non- implementation of 2010 agreement by the federal government.

He said the non-implementation o the agreement we reached with the federal government in 2010. Is; the reasoned decided to go into the action. It has got to a stage where we have to take over collective destiress in ovecown hands.


It is unfortunate that we arcing a country where the government is; payment lip service to research and Development. Development economics of the world focus .

More on research for economic breakthrough because there is; no country that can develop without research institute around be; shut don’t  until the demands are fully meet.