The National Examination Council [NECO] are sure that the SSCE results will be eady to enable them pursue admissions into tertiary institutions in the coming session.


Prof. Charles Uwakwe who made significant progress in the running of the body which which is tasked with conducting he school based Senior School Certificate Examination,the Basic Education Certificate Examination [BECE] for the Junior Secondary Schools and the National Common Entrance Examination [NCEE] into Federal Government Colleges [Unity School]  in Nigeria.

Many people do not know the deep mess in this vital part of the national development called education.

Many State Governors are more interested in handout from Abuja than empowering our children,the future generation, with adequate knowledge to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


This is what NECO officials are going through.

While the WASE conducts exams for the five Anglophone West African Countries of Nigeria,Ghana, sierra Leone, The Gambia and Liberia, NECO, is; restricted to the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory.

For the 2018 NCEE, a total of 71,294 pupils registered to fight for placement i the 104 unity schools across the country.

Lagos state led the pack with 24,465 candidates,followed by the Federal Capital Territory,7,699. Zamfara led from he rear with 28, then kebbi 50 and Taraba, 95.

It is remarkable that while NECO conducts the exams, the Federal Government College [FGC] Anka are in Zamfara, with 28 registered candidates while Lagos with 24,465 candidates.

While NECO continues to work hard towards improvement of examination standards,the body no hand in Nigerian Curricula.

We must thank Anambra state for its exceptional performance.

We hear ugly stories like OWOSHO SCANDAL’ and Expo’77’ because NECO under the present dispensation,ensures prompt payment honorarium of examiners,supervisors,external monitors etc.