The Neil Isaac Scholarship application form 2021 portal open has opened for interested applicants to submit their completed application form for the 2021/2022 application window.
The scholarship is widely called the Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship in Environmental Science at the University of Canterbury. As such, it is more or less very limited in terms of the programs accepted under the program.



The University of Canterbury
The University of Canterbury formerly Canterbury College was the second university in New Zealand having been established in 1873. The institution boasts of a place in the top 250 universities in the world. The school has a place for everyone.
This is basically due to the array of courses and programs it offers. It offers internship and global studies opportunities to students all within its world-class curriculum. The institution has a glowing record in academic research with awards to show for it.


The researchers are, therefore, available to supervise and collaborate with the students which is a big plus. The student community at the University of Canterbury is very active and enjoyable as it makes for quick adaptation for freshmen to get acquainted with the school much quicker.

The school is situated in a very beautiful and serene environment in the heart of Otautahi Christchurch. The city is classified among some of the most progressive cities in the world.

Accordingly, studying at the University of Canterbury New Zealand holds so much appeal both to indigenous students and international students as well. To find out more about the school, visit the school’s website via this link

The Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship In Environmental Science
History of the award: The http://Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship in Environmental Science was founded in 2014 by the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust in memory of Sir Neil Isaac (1915–1987), who had a lifelong enthusiasm for enhancing relationships between people and the environment.

It replaces the Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship in Geography/Environmental Science, which had been established in 1987 by the Isaac Wildlife Trust on the Golden Jubilee of the Department of Geography.

The scholarship is a biennial award that aims at supporting researches and researchers on environmental development and sustenance. Such researchers are students studying at the University of Canterbury for either their Master’s degrees or doctoral qualifications (PhD).

By virtue of its biennial status, the scholarship is offered every two years. The last time it was offered was in 2019. As such, the scholarship is available for applications in 2021.

Application Guidelines
Application for the scholarship program has been simplified such that it takes very little effort and steps to go through it. Accordingly, applications must be made to the Scholarships Office. This would have to be made on the approved form uploaded on the scholarships website.

With regards to the submission of applications, it should not be later than 5.00 pm on 31st May or 30th November. But in the case that either is not a business day, it could be shifted to 5.00 pm on the next business day.
However, if it so happens that at a particular year the scholarship is to be awarded there is no candidate who sufficiently merits it, the scholarship would not be awarded for that year.

Having completed the application, the scholarship will be then be awarded by the University of Canterbury Council, on the recommendation of a Selection Committee, made up of: the Vice-Chancellor; the Dean of Science; and a person nominated by the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust.


In recommending the award, the Committee will consider the overall legitimacy and compatibility of the candidate. This would include an examination of the: applicant’s academic achievement, character, and ability to pursue research.

It is also required that the nominated candidate submits a research proposal to show that their research is in tandem with the research interests of a staff member of the University of Canterbury. If shortlisted, the candidates could be required to take part in an interview session with the Committee.

Application for the scholarship will start to be accepted on the 5th of October 2021. The closing date for the application is 2nd December 2021 at 11:59 PM. For more details, download the school’s official guide page here

Eligible Applicants
To be eligible for the scholarship, a candidate ought to meet the academic requirements. First, such applicants must have been enrolled in a relevant program in the institution by 25 January (for November 30th applicants), or July 26th (for those who apply by May 31st). For further information on the requirements which each applicant needs to be eligible to apply, follow this link.

Updates For Those Enrolled
Every recipient that is not presently registered in the relevant program is expected to do so on or before June 30th the year which succeeds the application year. This applies to those applying by 30th November).

And for May 31st applicants, they have to be enrolled by 31st December in the same year of application. A recipient who is not able to enrol at the fixed deadline is required to seek permission from the Dean of the relevant college (for Master’s students).
In the case of a doctoral candidate, permission would e sought from the Dean of Postgraduate Research to take up the scholarship at a later date. Inability to get this permission would result in the termination of the scholarship.

Unless otherwise specified in the offer letter, an offer of a scholarship will lapse if it is not accepted, in writing, within one calendar month of the date of the offer. The beneficiary could choose to have a part of the scholarship value paid into his or her tuition fees account.

Further Information For Beneficiaries
To be accepted as an awardee, A condition of acceptance is that beneficiaries must give permission for the announcement of their acceptance of the scholarship. This would bestow on them the responsibility to participate actively in the University of Canterbury community activities.


Such might include student mentoring, acting as University ambassadors, and being involved with University publicity as appropriate. Another condition is that the recipient must lodge with the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust.

A copy of any publication arising from the work undertaken during the tenure of the scholarship must acknowledge the donors in any such publication. In the event of a recipient’s withdrawal from the course of study for which the scholarship had been awarded, there would be a withdrawal of the scholarship.

Beyond this, the already paid out value of the scholarship could be recovered from the beneficiary. To continue enjoying the scholarship, certain conditions have to be met. Among such conditions, chief of them rests on the academic progress of the student being found to be satisfactory.

Also, the recipient must be found to have adhered to the University’s statutes and regulations.

Number Of Beneficiaries For The Neil Isaac Scholarship
The scholarship can only be awarded to one individual at a particular time. The holder of the scholarship is referred to as the Isaac Scholar. The scholarship is only tenable while the recipient is enrolled on a full-time basis in a Master’s or PhD degree program at the University of Canterbury.


Also, he or she is ascertained to be working in environmental science or environmental conservation under the supervision of a member of the University of Canterbury staff.

Recipients studying for a Master’s degree may hold the scholarship during both Part I and Part II of their degree program. The scholarship will be available for the period necessary for a student to complete 2.00 EFTS in the case of a Master’s student, or 3.00 EFTS in the case of a PhD student.

The beneficiary is under obligation to undertake research on the environment. This may involve the application of environmental sciences in the broadest sense to the study of environmental problems.

The Neil Isaac Scholarship Value or Package
Presently, the value of the scholarship is $20,000 per annum. This means a beneficiary stands to benefit from a pay package of $20,000 each year. This is either paid instalmentally on a monthly basis or per-semester basis.


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