Never Squish A Centipede In Your House

No one really likes creepy crawlies, especially not in their home. However, out of all that can be found lurking in the corners of your home, the centipede is one of the creepiest that you will come across. Our first instinct will always be to find something and squish the life out the little guy but we must advise you that isn’t a very good idea.


This will probably be pretty hard as the favorite place for these fast-moving squirmy creatures are in the toilet and no one really wants to find one of these worming their way out in the middle of the night when you really need to use the bathroom, so remove the thing from the toilet but do not squish it, here is the reason why:

These creatures are the only line of defense that you have between you and other little insects that are found in your home. There is a specific kind of centipede that you will find in homes they are fairly shorter than their wormy cousins are and come with 30 legs around their body. It can sometimes look like a fake eyelash but don’t be fooled.

These creatures are one of the most voracious eaters that you will find. And other annoying house pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and bedbugs are delicacies to the centipede. Basically, it will feed on any kind of arthropod that you can imagine finding in your home.


The silverfish is the most relative of these insects as the centipede and the silverfish require the same kind of conditions for them to thrive. This makes them competitors for the cold and humid climate in places such as the bathroom or the toilet. So, if you find a centipede in the bathroom but there are no signs of a silverfish, you know who to thank for it.

It may not be in your nature to just allow a centipede free access to your home and that isn’t what you should do. Centipedes can be very alarming and cause a ruction in your home especially if spotted by smaller children as they have a habit of moving around very quickly but also remain still for a few minutes and then dart directly towards people living in the house.

However, if you just see a couple of them it is smart to just leave them there as they will not bother you if you don’t bother them. This will also help save you from having a squish a spider and then risk letting out hundreds of live tiny baby spiders out in your home.

Another important reason why you should just let them be is that they aren’t really strong enough to do much harm to a human. They also do not spread germs in your home as they are fastidious and like to spend time cleaning out their legs for most of their day.

If you really cannot bear them just take them outdoors to a plant and let them feast on the leaves instead of squishing them as they were just trying to help you.

10 Of The Deadliest Bugs You Should Pray You Never See!

Not all the bugs that you find in the world are as harmless as the centipede. There are a few that can cause a variety of deadly diseases and in some cases if not treated well even lead to death. Here is a list of creatures that you should keep a lookout for:

Bullet ants: these are; the largest ant in the world and they are; usually found in the rainforests of Nicaragua and Paraguay. These ants get their name because of the fact that their bite feels like you are; being shot.

Bot fly: the larvae of these flies are a form of internal parasite in mammals. The female fly lays eggs within the skin of the mammals and these eggs penetrate further into the skin and live in the subdermal zones of the skin. This infection can cause severe changes in the skin tissues and in some cases, some patients were even able to feel the larvae inside their skin.

Fleas: these insects are external parasites; they suck the blood of wild and domestic animals including birds, reptiles and even humans. These bites can cause itching on the surface of the skin and they can also sometimes lead to infections.

Fire ants: you can find more than 295 species of fire ants present in the world. These ants will repeatedly sting the intruder who disrupts them and will cause white pustules on the skin that can last for weeks. The fire ant gives out venom that can be very harmful and also cause an allergic reaction.

Kissing bug: these bugs are; known for biting the lips of their victims. They can also transmit the parasite trypanosome cruzi that is; known to kill 12,000 people every year.

Giant Japanese Hornet: these hornets are the largest in the world and can grow to a size of 2 inches. The number of deaths that are caused by these hornets is about 40 every year.

Tsetse Flies: these flies inject toxic venom into their victims with every bite that causes sleeping sickness. There is an estimate of about half a million deaths due to tsetse fly attacks in Africa.

Killer Bees: these bees live in groups and thus their combined attack ability is deadly.

Driver ants: these ants can kill thousands of different animals within a single raid and they are able to make multiple wounds on animals and humans with the use of their mandibles that are very strong. These ants also raid other insect’s nests in search of food and also kill the other insects.

Mosquito: these are the deadliest insects that can cause up to 1 million deaths per year by the transmission of different diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, west Nile virus, and encephalitis.