NTI to Commence Advanced Diploma in Environmental Edu.

The National Teachers institute (NTI) Kaduna has disclosed plans to commence a one year, Advanced Diploma in Environmental Education for school teachers.


The Advanced Diploma Programme according to the institute is under the Green Teacher Project, which is a unique capacity-building distance education course, aimed at creating awareness among the Nigerian public.

NTI Director General, Professor Garba Dahuwa Azare in a statement said environmental issues and the challenges it pose to sustainable development have in the past two decades dominated national and international discourses.

He said the programme was developed in conjunction with Centre for Environmental Educatign‘ Ahmedabad, India and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), with the support or the Federal Ministry of Education and Federal Ministry of Environment.


Professor Azare explained the need for people in all nations to ”manage their behaviour and ecosystems in order to live sustainably.”

Nigeria like many other countries faces several serious environmental problems that threaten its sustainable development plans. Some of the most important environmental problems and issues that need to be addressed include: deforestation, desertification, Erosion, Oil spillage, Air pollution, Soil Pollution, waste Management including sewage treatment, environment degradation and Climate change or global warming.

Nigeria’s National Policy on the Environment places high premium on using education to address the nation’s environmental problems and promote sustainable development.

He pointed out that the programme is designed for in-service teachers; and it will involve two compulsory contact sessions, module-based assignments; project writing and final written examinations.

This course will give teacher~ learners an opportunity to empower themselves with knowledge; and skills of effectively transacting education; for sustainable development of the environment in schools.

The general aim of Advanced Diploma is to promote environmental awareness; foster positive attitudes towards the environment and inculcate environmental ethics.

It is a form of education that allows individuals to explore environmental issues; engage in problems solving and take action to improve the environment.

As a result, individuals develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues; and have the skills to make informed and responsible decision.

It is important to note that the Advanced Diploma has the following objectives; Objectives to Foster clear awareness of and concern about economic, social, political; and economic interdependence in urban and rural areas.

To create new patterns of behaviour towards the environment as a whole, individuals, groups and society.

To help students acquire an awareness, experience and sensitivity to the total environment; and its allied problems and to help students develop a set of values; and feelings of Concern for the environment and the motivation; to participate actively in environmental improvement and protection.