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Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission (NUC) said; the commission has rejected one of its staff over scholastic debasement during the accreditation program of colleges.

Rasheed revealed this in Abuja on Monday during; an intelligent session with writers, including that accreditation practice must involve fair treatment to guarantee quality affirmation.

“We are; obliged to continue rehashing the well established truth that the procedure of accreditation involves a companion audit process where just teachers drawn from; the Nigerian colleges framework and not NUC are; utilized as specialists.


“The only one NUC expels staffs fills in as; secretary and authoritative reinforcement with no statutory forces to impact the results of any accreditation work out,” he said.

He included that a board of 1,602 comprising of three educators in a board was; normally established and chosen all over Nigeria to direct accreditation, NAN reports.

On the updates on counterfeit educators, Rasheed said the commission as; of late checked and distributed a full index of teachers in the college framework.

He clarified that during; the time spent approving the entries, the University Senate had now and again revealed that a lot of educators were; either phony or yet to develop.

He, hence, noticed that solitary the University Senate had the privilege and capacity to elevate a speaker to an educator, saying that foundations like the French Village, National Mathematical Center and the preferences don’t have the ability to make any individual an instructor.

Likewise, on the deception on catchment zones, he said; it was; completely false that the Federal Government had annulled the catchment territory as a major aspect of the criteria for induction into colleges.

“In all actuality the administration is worried that in this time of disguise of college instruction, the socioeconomics of the colleges uncover a dominance of over localisation and over; indiginisation.

“How at that point can such over; indigenised college highlight or be very much positioned on the model of the level of global understudies and staff on the planet positioning of colleges.

“The manner in which we are going we are missing such a large number of things, we can’t be positioned high since we are nullifying key standards of college worldwide practices,” he said.