NYSC Member Who Was Allegedly Quarantined In Osun, Shows Isolation Room

The story started when a relative of a NYSC Corps member asked for help, calling Nigerians to alert authorities about her cousin who just returned from the United Kingdom to serve in Ekiti state. Newsmag.com.ng reports.

Please Nigerians, my family and I need your help at this time. My cousin who schooled in the Uk and returned home 26/01/2020 to serve in the NYSC was posted to Ekiti state for his orientation and he’s down with cough so has been quarantined and sent to Osun state, but he’s not

And then she continued, revealed he has not eaten for a day

… but he’s not been fed since yesterday that he’s been quarantined and he’s complaining of dizziness. Not only that, he was carried like a waybill in a poorly kept ambulance. It’s almost as if they want him dead so a case will be established.

Then she posted videos of her cousin inside an ambulance and his isolation room


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