We advise students seeking for accommodation off campus to pair up, with room mates and rent flats.


The students should contact this; Ajose Gideon, Branch manager, Sam Udo Akagha and partners.

Date; Tuesday, 30th of April 2018

Office Address; 16, Ola layout Omole Estate, Modakeke -Ife


As at 30th of April, 2018 the management of Sam Udo Akagba and partners has observed that the number of single rooms in Oau campus area Ife has reduced and this has been cause of so many other problems.

Some of the houses don’t have toilets, some of them use Pit Latrines, some of them don’t have potable water and some don’t even have well at least.

A number of the houses don’t have security as their locations would later become hot spot of criminally minded students who want to make life unbearable for the others.

We however implore students seeking accommodation to merge themselves; and get self-contained apartments to save them the stress of going; about in search of single room.

Another viable option is that student should merge themselves so that they would be able to gets flats , either 2 bedroom flat or a 3 bed room flat and distribute the money equally among the rooms.

We hope you; get settled; down with accommodation issue as soon as; you can, we hope to help you find one.

contact us; 08133117410,08126534445.