We use this medium to appreciate Great Ife Students for their anger at the obvious misuse of position. we are aware that frequently than ever, girls on OAU campus are forced to trade their bodies for marks and refusal to do so would mean carrying courses.


we want everyone to know that we are trying our possible best to find the lady who recorded the voice note if she is still a student after which will lodge a formal complaint with the school management.

This lady to get in touch with us first so that we can guarantee her security and closely monitor her from possible sponsored physical attacks.

IF anyone knows her, they can forward her number to us too.


She should not be scared, she would be kept confidential. we may also proceed to declare Prof. Richard Akindele wanted to clear his name from the mess as it is possible he has a good narrative which we consider unlikely.

We think four core issues are up for determination

1. Was there a course where a lady scored 33 and Prof.Richard Akindele was capable of handling the outcome.

2. Prof. Akindele invigilating in Moro and is there an invigilation register for lecturers.

3. Was there an invigilation register for lecturers

4. Was there an exam of MBA students that ended by 4;30 which Prof. Richard supervised

We use this occasion to urge all girls who have come under such requests and assaults to lodge their complaints with the action committee. We advise guys too as the case may be; to lodge their reports. A university for learning and culture cannot have a lecturing system that targets the sexuality of students instead.

We urge all the remain alert as our strength is; in joint force. We also urge students to call for the rein statement of the union as issues like these become more rampant when there is; no central body to agitate for the students.

We remind all that students are under a joint attack from the management and the case of the arrested students defending the Moremi ladies against eviction continues in court on April 12.

Also, we have some items with us which the school security threw outside from Awolowo hall and other halls of residence and we will be; making attempts to reconnect their owners with them.