The Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), University of Ibadan Chapter, Dr Deji Omole says the federal government has lost the capacity to enforce laws and protect Nigeria and Nigerians with uncontrolled killings in farming communities in North-central Nigeria.


Omole said the body languages of the President and the police have shown incapacity to arrest and prosecute the killer herdsmen, adding that the increase in the spate of kidnapping, armed robbery and violence nationwide is very alarming.

He said 80 percent of cows in the country are; owned by the ruling class who have over the years exploited and impoverished the masses; adding that the move to use public fund to establish private ranches for the business of those in government; and their cronies should be; rejected by Nigerians.

Omole said the sponsored killings perpetrated by the owners of the cows could not be used to justify the plan by the federal government to use the money belonging to Nigerians to establish ranches for the private business of friends of government and governor-cattle owners across the country. ”Public funds must be; deployed for the provision of public goods such as; quality education, health, water, power and road for the majority,” he said.


The ASUU boss, Omole said it was unthinkable that the federal government and their followers were more interested in 2019 elections than securing the lives and properties of Nigerians.

He demanded that the killing of over 200 Nigerians in Plateau without security response revealed that Nigerians are now living in a state of nature where life is short, nasty and brutish.

According to him, “What Nigerians demand from this government is to provide a safe and secure environment for them and their families. Nowhere is safe in Nigeria. The federal government is; showing by the attitudes and behaviours of the president to killings that those killing should be; pampered while those being; killed should tolerate the killings.

”We demand to see that the rustlers and killer herdsmen are; brought to book. If killings continue, it may be difficult to have 2019 elections which is why the lives of Nigerians are more important than any political ambition of any person.

”Buhari is breaching the social contract by failing to secure the lives of Nigerians and ensuring the enforcement of laws. Are there no laws against trespas? What does the law say about murder? Does the law allow private citizens to carry arms without licence? Does the law talk about pampering killers and consoling the victims? Injustices will deepen hatred and distrust among Nigerians against Nigerians and against government,” he stated.