Two Nigerian entertainers have been arrested on suspicion of robbery in Lagos state -Identified as Chinonso Michael and Chimelu Victory, they cited hunger during the lockdown as their reason for going into crime – The two had both an iPhone 11 with a fake alert, and then later sold the phone for the sum of N350k – Chinonso who is a singer and Chimelu, a pianist, also admitted to engage in internet fraud



Two entertainers; a musician and a pianist were recently arrested by the Rapid Response Squad unit of the Lagos Police Command, on suspicion of robbery. Identified as Chinonso Michael (25) and Chimelu Victory (22), the duo confessed to robbery stating that the hunger during the COVID-19 lockdown forced them into a life of crime. Chinonso and Chimelu attribute their actions to hunger/Rapid Response Source:

Facebook On receipt of the phone, Chimelu, the buyer generated a fake alert to the rider first and later, with the connivance of Chinonso escaped from the apartment after they had tied down the dispatch rider with a bottle of alcoholic beverage. The iPhone 11 Pro Max was sold for a sum of N350,000 which was transferred into Chinoso’s bank account.

They were arrested in company of 5 other suspects at their residence at 4, Modupe Young Thomas Estate, Ajah, Lagos by the Decoy Team of RRS. Pictured with bandages, the suspects were said to have jumped off from the first floor to the ground naked at their apartment into the streets on sighting the police. Chinonso fractured his arm and bruised him chin immediately he landed on the ground floor.

He then instantly took to the streets naked before he was arrested and taken to the hospital.