Edo state government gathered recently that the education sector in touch with modern realities, especially in the use of modern technology.


Acting Chairman of Edo State Universal Osa Oviawe asserted that modern technology was being; used to drive education in the state, specially at the primary level.

Every other sector is; using modern technology, education must change and teachers must follow suit, she noted.

Teachers are nation builders with the use of digital lesson plans, teachers can with prepared lessons to ease their burden and give more time to supervise the children and manage their classroom.

She informed them that the Edo Government was; determined to bring information and communication Technology tools to classrooms.


To achieve this, the government initiated a programme Codename EDOSTAR. This was learnt to a teacher professional development training conceived; to build the capacity of teachers in the use of digital technologies in classrooms as well as  in the use of new classroom as well as in the use of new classroom management techniques.

It is a part of Governor Obaseki’s bold reforms in the basic education sub-sector, known a the EDO BASIC.