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Prince Henry Announces Scholarship for Nigerians, Others

    Prince Henry has announced a new scholarship scheme funded by the new scholarship scheme by the United kingdom for Nigerian students and other young people from the common wealth to study in low and middle -income countries.


    The prince,who has just assumed the position as the commonwealth youth Ambassador, said as a sign of recognition, scholarships will be; named after Queen Elizabeth II, and will be; funded by the UK government for the commonwealth Scholarship; and fellowship and fellowship plan with an additional N2.58billion.

    In my new role, i will work to support the queen, my father the prince of wales, and my brother william, all of whom know that young people are the answer to the challenges of today, prince Henry said.


    I am also incredibly grateful that the woman I am about to marry , Meghan, will be; joining me in this work, which she is hugely excited to part in.

    Before i close,the first act in this role, I am delighted to announce that the commonwealth scholarship scheme will be; expanded until 2019, thanks to the united kingdom and other countries.

    New 150 scholarships for study in low or middle-income countries will be; made available by 2025. This scheme,which is; run by Association of commonwealth universities, will enable more of our talented young people to access life- changing opportunities to study across the commonwealth for generations to come.

    In recognition of her Majesty, the Queen, these scholarships will known as; Queen Elizabeth scholarship will be; known as queen Elizabeth Scholarship, he explained.

    Her Majesty commitment has meant that the commonwealth is; a thriving family of nations, common link between nearly two and half billion people; and a defender of democracy, justice,and peace.