The former head of Department of criminology and professor impregnate 16y old girl at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti in Ekiti State Professor Adewole Atere, has been accused of impregnating a 16-year-old student in his department Precious Azuka.







The girl reportedly fell for the Professor’s love claim after one of his subordinates, Dr. Chinedu Abrifor pressured her into believing that she was ‘mature enough’ for Prof. Atere when they met in March 2017.

In her confession when she appeared before a fact-finding committee set up by the office of the then acting dean of students’ affairs E.O Adeyemi, Azuka who was 16-years-old at the time The professor impregnate her and  of the incident said it caused a disagreement with her boyfriend Kayode Fasanya. He broke up with her when it became clear that she was dating the Prof. Atere.

“A few days after Dr Abrifor approached me, he accompanied Prof. Atere to my hostel and they took me to their house at Aiyegbaju where I spent the night. I was; returned to the hostel by 6 a.m. the following day. This practice continued for weeks” she said.

She got to know she was pregnant two months into the amorous relationship and almost everyone within and outside the hostel knew her story.

“I opted for abortion instantly but a doctor I saw said he doesn’t do it. So, when I got to the hostel, I took lipton tea and lime which made me to experience serious blood flow. When I didn’t see my menstruation the following months, I didn’t bother. I thought it had cleared,” she told the investigating team.

“The laboratory official introduced me to Dr. Dada who eventually helped me out on Wednesday, July 26,” Azuka said.