However, quite a number of Nigerians that initially went over to the Benin Republic to study returned back to Nigeria to restart their education after; a year or two of study, and I am one of them, others graduated and ended up regretting wasting three years of their lives simply because they were; ignorant of few facts.




With the stress of Jamb and Post UME, a lot of Nigerian students have decided to simply hop over; to other countries to get their university degrees, and a popular choice is Benin Republic private universities.

1. The Controversial Certificate
A lot of Nigerian graduates from; Benin Republic private universities, find it hard to get a job in Nigeria after studying there, due to questionable standards. And they also have problems studying for higher degrees both In Nigeria and Other more developed countries.

I personally know of a girl that; graduated from a Private university in Benin Republic and applied for a masters degree in the University of Lagos but was; declined even though she supposedly had a Second Class Result.

2. It’s not Actually Cheap
Sure they’ll preach to you how it’s much cheaper than the Nigerian private universities, but; if you calculate the very poor quality of education and structure possessed you’ll realize you are; paying for too much for far too little.

Even when the exchange rate was; supposed to be; Favorable to Nigerians, after; changing your Naira to CEFA, I assure you’ll be surprised at; the terrible purchasing power of the CEFA.

Other than school fees, you’ll have to pay either accommodation fee for a hostel that Is usually too expensive and crappy, or do what most of the students there do. Pay for a room, that is far too expensive seeing how you’ll pay not just the room but a caution fee that you’ll never get back.

3. The Educational Loopholes
One of the oddest things I saw in Benin Republic has got to be students coming into the second year directly without any special qualifications, merely paying about fifty thousand naira to some lecturer, or how students with barely three credits in their WAECs get admitted without any hitch.

They, the private universities, possessed very little education structure and what little they had was; extremely fluid easy to be manipulated by just anyone.

You’ll see quite a good number of students there, that ‘transferred’ from one university to the other without transcripts, and the student will have an admission letter that will portray the student has only ever being in that school and grades created and entered into the book for exams the person wasn’t even in the school for.

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