How Redeemer’s University Macaroni On His Graduation

;Redeemer’s University owned by RCCG Genereal Overseer, Pastor Adeboye, expelled popular actor, Macaroni over his activities on social media.



Redeemer’s University have expelled one of their students, actor and entertainer, Debo Adedayo a.k.a Mr Macaroni, just few days before his graduation over a post he made on his Facebook page.

According to the university; which is owned; by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG); Pastor Adeboye. Debo’s Facebook post was offensive and portrayed the university in bad light; an act that constitutes serious misconduct and punishable by expulsion.


Here’s the school’s letter of expulsion, and the comedian’s reaction below;

The post that got Debo expelled

He wrote; “This is the reason why I have been expelled from Redeemer’s University; after years of passionate service and sacrifice to the University. I didn’t lead a riot as president of the Students Association, I didn’t steal, I didn’t fight, I didn’t break any rules and regulation.

“I posted this after a meeting with Prof Wande Abimbola. The school mgt invited me for an ‘interaction’; and right there; I was; told that; the school mgt feels that this post is about them.

“I repeated times without number that the post is simply an expression on issues of life; and has nothing to do with Reedemer’s University. They however wanted me to admit by all means necessary; that I was referring to the mgt of Redeemer’s University which I refused to.

“I was; asked to go; and weeks later; I was denied the joy of attending my own Convocation. Now; I am; greeted; with a letter of expulsion; for this post that I insist wasn’t for Reedemer’s University; or anyone in it.”