Restructuring of Polytechnic by outgoing Rector.

The outgoing rector of  the federal polytechnic Bauchi, Shuaibu Musa; has asked the federal government on the need to restructure the polytechnic sector; to make it more qualitative and efficient in the discharge of it mandate.


Musa, who spoke during the hand over ceremony held out at the council chamber of the institution; said despite the fact that; polytechnic education has been recognized; as the producer of the required technical manpower; that drives the competency based economic activities on the nation.

It has not enjoyed the nation and support it deserves. The national board for technical education (NBTE) the body charged with responsibility; of regulating the sectors is over burdened, given that it has to superintend; over 600 institutions across the country.

The time has come for the institutional arrangement to be; received. Musa also called for massive funding for the provision of heavy equipment and tools needed; for hands on needs assessment conducted in the sector needs to be urgently revisited; and implemented to rescue the polytechnics .


A coordinated resuscitation of the manufacturing industries would bring back the glory to technical; manpower and many reduce or even eliminate the effect of the current dictrotomy; the polytechnic graduates are facing and further improve their societal image which is currently low.

On the challenges facing the polytechnic Musa said; one can easily identify the inadequacy of fund as a notable challenge.

The low interval revenue generation capacity of the institutions and the federal government allocation; of recruitment costs have dampened the growth of polytechnic.

The policy of outsourcing essential welfare services and the devolution of payment of some personnel; costs, such as academic allowances from the internal generated revenue of institutions; has further compounded the challenge .

There is need for review of these policies in order to reduce industrial diarrhea many; and accelerate the growth rate of institutional levels.