The educational sector in Kaduna state primary schooling Rigassa district of the state where; 400 pupils are crammed into 14 feet by 16 feet primary classroom..


EL Rufia inherited previous administrations and is; racing against time to remedy pupils being crammed.

The pupils sprawled on the bare floor and their white uniforms turned brown by ochre floor.

Although there was a teacher in front of the class giving instructions, it appeared he was; talking to him self as majority of the pupils were; not engrossed with other activities.


But if one overcrowded the facility deficient classrooms will be at Lokoja Road Primary School while about three kilometers from the former is simply gob smacking.

About 30,000 pupils are; enrolled at the Lokoja road primary school which is; run in two shifts with less than ten class rooms about seven toilets to serve both the pupils and the teachers.

For the teachers,managing the huge crowd of pupils is an impossible task and impact negatively on their outcome.

The state government has; embarked on the construction of more than fifty class room in the three schools that are; densely populated in the Rigassa area. The projects which are due to delivered by the contractors early in June will no doubts go a long way to elevating the environment for learning for pupils who are eager to acquire knowledge.