A first class graduate by name Pelumi Adewumi with G.P of 4.50 CGPA  in faculty of law, at university of Lagos.


Pelumi Adewumi went for a law school for the compulsory one year programme, and since i finished the programme in 2017, i have been working with a law firm.

While i was; young, i wanted to be a lot of things. I thought of being a medical doctor, an accountant and a footballer which dedicated some time and efforts, i would follow through in that direction.

At some point i also nursed the ambition of being a lawyer, but i dropped it.

A lot of people, including my parents, always said that there would be; no better course of study for me other than law, perhaps due to what they saw. Eventually I decided settle down for Law before i was; done with high school.


Pelumi Adewumi also loved activities that is associated with profession. I have always hated injustice especially as perpetrated by security and pother state agencies. So i felt that being a part of opportunity to be able to effectively fight for injustice in whatever form. I have started this in my own way before i became a lawyer.