Smart Nigerian Girl Destroys a Maths Quiz Competition


Smart Nigerian girl has dazzled the world with her intelligence

– Smart young girl did amazingly well in a mathematics quiz

– She left everyone stunned with her composure and smart answers

Oreofe, a Nigerian girl presumed to be a teenager has left the world in utter shock after a video of her answering some mathematical questions during a quiz emerged.


The smart Nigerian girl was obviously on the hot seat and did her best possible in giving the correct answer at the right time. From the look of things, the young girl was prepared for the quiz and was not ready to waste time.

While the questions were being read out by a moderator with the brilliant girl also reading from her own screen, she provided the answers before the moderator could finish reading each question.

Smart Nigerian girl 'destroys' a Maths quiz competition
Oreofe, the smart Nigerian girl who provided correct answers at the right time during the quiz. Source: Worldstarhiphop.
Smart Nigerian girl 'destroys' a Maths quiz competition
Oreofe with the quiz master as he read out the questions. Source: Worldstarhiphop.

This went on for a while with the moderator confirming the answers given by the young girl. It is intriguing that such a girl could process the questions without working them out on a piece of paper before churning out the answers.

Smart Nigerian girl 'destroys' a Maths quiz competition
Oreofe on the hot seat answering questions promptly. Source: Worldstarhiphop.

There is no doubt about this girl knowing her onions when it comes to mathematics. The skills she exhibited at the competition show she is a guru and possibly one of the sharpest students in her school.

While no one knows the name of the school she represented, her performance at the quiz would make it difficult for anyone to forget her. The quiz master commended her at the end of the sixty seconds quiz. He said she was the loudest contestant.

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