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Sonali Bank Scholarship 2020: If you’re from Bangladesh, please pay attention. There is a scholarship privilege for you. Sonali Bank is currently offering an education support.

This is to Bangladesh students. Furthermore, the support/scholarship is open to students of all levels. Also, it ranges from high school, undergraduates, and postgraduates. As such, please note. This article will provide necessary information on this opportunity.
Sonali Bank
Sonali Bank was established in 1972. This was under the Bangladesh Banks (Nationalization) Order. Also, it was through the amalgamation and nationalisation of:


The branches of National Bank of Pakistan.
Also, the Bank of Bahawalpur.
And Premier Bank branches located in East Pakistan.
When established, Sonali Bank had a paid up capital of 30 million taka. Also, in 2001, its authorised and paid up capital were Tk 10 billion and Tk 3.272 billion respectively. Additionally, Sonali Bank is the largest State Owned Leading Commercial Bank in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, presently, its authorized and paid up capital is Tk 10 billion. And Tk 9 billion. The bank’s reserve funds were Tk 60 million in 1979. Also, it was Tk 2.050 billion on 30 June 2000. In 2013, $250,000 was stolen from the bank. This was by Cyber criminals. These criminals used the Swift International payments network. However, in 2016 the Bank signed an Memorandum of Understanding with PayPal.

The Level/Field of Study Open for this Scholarship
Sonali Bank Scholarship is open to high school students. Also, it’s open to undergraduate/bachelor degree holders. Furthermore, it’s open to graduates and postgraduate. That is masters and PhD students. Also, this is in any field of study they choose.


The Host Nation of the Scholarship
The Sonali Bank Scholarship 2020 is hosted in Bangladesh.

Nations that Qualify for this Scholarship
Bangladesh is the only nation that qualifies for this. As such, please note. Bangladesh students who meet up the eligibility criteria can apply.

The Worth of Sonali Bank Scholarship 2020
It has a wonderful package for students. If successful, applicants will receive a stipend of 10,000 Taka. However, this amount is a one-time stipend.

Eligibility for the Scholarship
To be eligible for the Sonali Bank scholarship 2020, please note. In addition to being a Bangladesh citizen, you must fulfil the following criteria:

For HSC Level:
You must have a minimum of 4.00-grade point average in SSC. However, this can be in equivalent exams. Also, in the case of physical disability and freedom fighters’ children, note. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.50.

For Graduate Level:
You must have 5.00-grade point average in HSC. However, this can be in equivalent exam. Also, in the case of physical disability and freedom fighters’ children, note. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.00.
For Postgraduate Level:
Also, you must have a Bachelor Degree with minimum GPA of 2.75.

Other Criteria
Also, in addition to the above, it’s important you note the following:

Applicants can apply if their fathers/guardians monthly income is below 10,000 takas.
Also, applicants of Chor, Hawr, Coastal area, economically underdeveloped & Farmers, Day Laborers, Tribals children get priority for the scholarship.
Applying for Sonali Bank Scholarship 2020
The Sonali Scholarship 2020 application is an online application. Also, it’s on the Sonali bank website. Furthermore, you can apply by clicking on this link:

In addition, please note. Applicants are to write an application in white page. Also, attach the following documents:

Testimonial of present educational institute.
Also, attach Academic Transcripts of educational life.
Furthermore, attach citizenship certificate.
Also, Certificate of economical condition.
Testimonial of Monthly Income Statement from the chairman of UP or municipality mayor.
Testimonial of Government Employee guardians salary from the proper authority.
Additionally, freedom fighters certificate for freedom fighters’ children.
Also, attach Autistic Certificate for autistic applicants from District Social Service Office.
Certificate of extra co-curricular activities of students’ life if present.
Finally, Two copies of passport size photographs.
Also, note this. Incomplete application will not be considered for the scholarship. Additionally, any decision of scholarship authority is the final.

Application Deadline
The scholarship application starts November and ends by December. Additionally, be aware that you’re to check back on the scholarship link for updates on the scholarship.


Scholarship Link
For more information on the scholarship, click on the links below:

Furthermore, applicants can also visit the link below to read the guideline of the previous years:

FAQs About Sonali Bank Scholarship 2020
In a nutshell, please note. The Sonali Bank scholarship 2020 is open to Bangladesh students. Also, it’s open to students of all levels in different fields. Furthermore, preference is given to students from economically underdeveloped areas and farmers. Links to necessary information are also available above.


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