Stanford University, is located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. It’s one of the world’s leading teaching and research universities. And that is why Stanford University Scholarships are available for international students to help those who don’t have a strong financial backbone. Stanford offers admission to 2,144 students, and equally expands the financial aid program.



In this article, we elaborately explained all you need to know about Stanford University Scholarships for national and international students. As well as the Stanford university financial aid, both for undergraduate and graduate students. However, this scholarship ranges from different schools in the institution.
Leland Stanford Junior University was founded in 1885 by California Senator Leland Stanford and his wife Jane in memory of their only child, Leland Jr., who died of typhoid at age 15.
Stanford has changed with the world in the last 125 years, often paving the way for new ideas and discoveries. Here is an overview of the people, places, and past and present experiences of Stanford.

Our story is rich and inspiring. Our future will be avant-garde and revolutionary. Immerse yourself in our past and look into our future. Stanford students come from across the U.S. and the world, representing diverse experiences, backgrounds, and cultures.


Since its opening in 1891, Stanford has been dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges and also preparing students for leadership in a complex world. Stanford offers admission to 2,144 students, expands the financial aid program.

Stanford has extended undergraduate admission offers to the 2019 promotion and announced an increase in its financial aid. Currently, parents with an annual family income of less than $125,000 and whose typical assets should not pay tuition at Stanford.
The scholarship is for international students who wish to obtain an undergraduate, masters degree, MBA, Fellowship and postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University.

Study together with a dynamic and diverse student body from more than 30 countries in small classes with dedicated instructors. With the opportunity to obtain credits and an official Stanford transcript.

Summer Session Students enjoy exceptional access to Stanford student life resources, from state-of-the-art sports facilities to world-class libraries and advanced academic support.
Scholarships from Stanford University is the primary source of funding used to assist students in meeting their educational costs. Many university scholarship funds originate as gifts from individuals and corporations. All Stanford University Scholarships funds are awarded on the basis of financial need as determined by information provided on the CSS Profile.