The students of Ekiti State University are protesting exorbitant and outrageous cost of WIFI connection charges by the school.


Students who expressed their grievances during a peaceful protest at the school gate, locked by the main gate.

The University prevent students and members of staff from gaining entrance.


The carried placards with inscriptions like, ENOUGH IS NOUGHT, we don’t need the wireless internet connection again.

The protesters, some of them were; charged 13,500 for wireless internet connection for two semesters, which they said most students do not subscribe to.

Anjorin kemisola said she regretted being a student of the university because since she gained admission,the tuition fees have been going without any consideration by the management on the plight of the parents.

The say they are not happy with the way Ekiti state university are charging us.

Some of them said at times the wifi connection are not available  for us to use.

We therefore want to appeal to the management of the school to remove the wifi from the school charges.

We are out to protest and not to fight and destroy the university properties because we are tired of the charges.