Perhaps Tacha BBNAIJA  wanted to have a peaceful homecoming or maybe she really thought about what Mike said; at the table about the eviction humbling her.




Tacha and Mike

After the entertainment by the other housemates, Tacha BBNAIJA straightened things out between herself and Mike. For almost an hour, both housemates took turns to explain how each one has misunderstood the other.

Having stayed in the Secret Room where she had watched and heard everything the housemates said about her, Tacha felt that ironing out issues with Mike was; the best way to go. Perhaps she wanted to have a peaceful homecoming or maybe she really thought about what Mike said at the table about the eviction humbling her.

In the garden, she poured her heart out to him about why she has been acting the way she has. She told him that if he expected her to behave like the others who were putting up a fake attitude as their winning strategy, she would not.

She also did not fail to warn Mike about some housemates acting nice and playing family reunion, that it was all a strategy. And when did Seyi become someone that Tacha, recommends to vouch for her? It was a surprise that she told Mike to let Seyi tell him more about her.

Mike, on the other hand, felt that Tacha had been judging him since their first day in Biggie’s House. Aside from her comment about his staying true to his marriage, he was; also not pleased that she mistook him for a regular guy. He also said that the more he tried to understand her, the more difficult she became. But our cool guy appreciated that she came to him. He then apologised for his misconception about her.

“I apologise for the misunderstanding, I hope you can appreciate my honesty,” he concluded.

Thanks to the Secret Room experience, the Tacha we see now is different from the one we knew before the fake Eviction. From her rapport with Seyi and then the long conversation with Mike, the Port Harcourt first daughter now seems to get along with the others in the House.


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