TARE-OTU To Raise A Million Dollars For Charity From Music

Kennedy Tare-otu is a singer-songwriter, recording producer and film scorer. The independent singer-songwriter took a step to raising the standard of African movies sound with his idealistic sound trend that partakes him creating captivating songs, and sounds with different genre and abstract for movies, with his latest Soundtrack ‘Superman’ written to suit the DC ‘Superman’ movie.


Tare-otu’s ability to create generic colorful sound of different genre with his song-writing touch has earned him quite a recognition.

Tare-otu is also a Biochemistry student of the University of Port Harcourt; with some months away from graduating, Tare-otu introduced his extended play; ‘ASCL- a sound called love’, with an undisclosed released date.


Kennedy Tare-otu Extended Play ‘ASCL’ aims to raise over a million USD for charity via its sales. The independent act gathered together a team Worldwide participating in the productivity of the vision.

For us the aim is simple, to create great sound, sell worldwide with the best music distributor, raise over a million USD by selling at least 300,000 copies worldwide and watch every sale go straight to the charity organization.

It’s a great deal that we’ve come this far and a stable team from different corners of the world working hard to make sure our aim is met.

WE desire to give back to the society, help the community and uplift the youth. It is a necessity to understand that life is a mutual phenomenon wherewith we live in a cycle and we are literally dependent on one another.

The plants gives to us oxygen and in return we give carbon dioxide etc. Having different cycles that proves that life is a philanthropic phenomenon.

For us, we would be proud to say we are Africans, a large percentage of us, and we are willing to give back to a particular aid. I came up with the idea, but can never have pulled this alone.

ASCL is; months away from being released with the objective to sell and give 100% of the sales to charity.

it is our aim to raise over a million USD to the organization. To us, the task has just begun.