The Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, has urged teachers to ensure they were; qualified, licensed and registered before 2019 or be; finished out of the classrooms.


Adamu gave the warning while monitoring the 2018 Batch A teacher professional Qualifying Examination [PQE] in Abuja on Saturday.

The reports that no fewer than 22,000 would-be; teachers PQE nationwide scheduled to hold from June 7-9 .


Adamu, represented by Mr. Sonny Echono, the permanent secretary, stressed that if teachers were not qualified and properly equipped, the products who are the students would also fall short and ultimately the country will suffer.

The person at the centre of it all is the teacher, not the pupils and if the teachers are unqualified and properly equipped then how can they give our children the best.

So as a government we are; insisting that we must raise the standards; we must become like other countries of the world.

We have set a deadline for ourselves and we are going to enforce it.

If by 2019 you are not qualified, certified and registered teacher, you will removed from our classrooms and we will give the job to those who are qualified.