the burglar
My wife told me that she would love to go to my brother’s house to spend the weekend with the kids and kill boredom,I did not hesitate to give it the nod because i also needed some quiet time alone in the house.
I was working on a proposal that was to be submitted on Monday morning via email.
The insistence by the company to send it via email was because of the restriction in the movement of people over the COVID 19 issue.
My wife was a law enforcement agent and would not have any challenge navigating through the hundreds of checkpoints on the roads.
“Make sure you guys return on Monday,”
I said as my wife led the kids out of the house.
“I don’t want to hear stories.”
She chuckled. “There will be no stories.
Please my love kindly follow us to the junction so you can help me collect my clothes from the laundry man.He called to tell me that he would be waiting.”
I would not have left the house that morning if she hadn’t said that. Outside the gate where Mubarak had a kiosk, I saw three young men smoking cigarettes and engrossed in a hearty conversation.
“Ina kwana,” Mubarak greeted us cordially. “This one that everyone is dressed ceremonially, I don’t think this is a short journey.”
My wife nodded and smiled at him.
“We will be back on Monday evening. Please put eyes on the house for us.”
He said he would. My wife hopped onto the driver’s seat and I sat beside her on the passenger’s side. My three kids giggled at one another as they occupied the back seat. Since her own car had had some mechanical fault and was taken away by the mechanic prior to the Corona virus pandemic,
We had both been managing my own car. Carefully, she hurled the Toyota Corolla past Mubarak’s kiosk and honked.
Mubarak had been a very good neighbour. He would keep an eye on the compound whenever we were not around.
In return, the family had also treated him like a brother.
The laundry man was not in the shop when we got there. My wife was furious because her uniforms were the clothes she had given him to wash.
I decided to go and check on Tony at home. He was a very good friend whom I had learned a lot from.
His own family had travelled as soon as the virus matter began and he had been all alone.
He was glad to see me. We ate the food he prepared and watched a movie together. That took a long time.
By the time I returned home in the evening, Mubarak had closed because it was about to rain. The sky was thick with a storm.
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