The Sad Truth About Corona Virus Outbreak

If those who have clothes, shelter and food are worried and in a state of confusion due to coronavirus, let us think about the poor, let us think about those who have nothing, no lockdown, no quarantine, no treatment, no healthcare….. It’s really sad.


The fact that you have access to internet, You are comfortable. Many have never ever been online. I make this thread to awaken the hearts of mankind to a direction in which many of us are not taking note of. We are all distracted by the media and Panic… Everything is getting locked down, the poor, they are out there, nothing.

The fact that many still don’t believe that corona virus is man – made greatly saddens my heart. We have access to internet and we can’t just research on our own. We believe government, politicians, UN, WHO and all other World organization cares about Mankind whereas they don’t, they make it seem as if they care. It’s sad that in the palm of our hands we have access to Information, Knowledge, Truths but we don’t use it. Those who make their researches and search, people ignorantly call them conspiracy theorist…. Really sad.

This wicked humans(Global Elites) working for the Enemy of Mankind are succeeding because we(mankind) don’t love each other. We are after ourselves only, we are greedy, we are wicked and we don’t care about others, we are slaves to pleasures, slaves to religion that constantly divide us, proud and lack knowledge. They are controlling us like sheeps, playing around with our soul, and we just watch them and follow.


Nigeria, no love in our dictionary.

Go and start seeking knowledge, start searching for the truth. Whatever they call conspiracy theory, think about it, don’t shun it.

Search for their New World Order which they are about to achieve (Order out of Chaos).

Search for all their Secret Occult societies, Illuminati, Freemasonry etc(they will tell you its not real, whereas, VERY REAL)

Search for the Agenda of UN, One world government, one world religion, world peace, ID 2020, Agenda 21, Cashless policy, IMF hidden secrets, Rothschild Secrets, Rockefeller secrets, Pedophiles Celebrities, Adrenochrome etc.

Search for your Creator, Search for the Savior of Mankind.

Don’t use Google when researching, use other search engines.

Please, I beg of you, Help the poor, no matter how little you have, they are greatly naked now. Help them please, I beg you. We(mankind) are here to help each other, We are One. They want to greatly depopulate us, they hate the poor masses, and they want to get rid of the weak (old people), they want to destroy the family unit(which they are already doing). I begged you.

Help the Poor.