Staying at home gets boring easily. Too easily. After the first two days, trust me, you’ll get tired of having the same routine, seeing the same faces.


Even sleep go tire you.

Watching tv, listening to music, doing all of the online challenges will get tiring.

But staying at home does not have to be that boring. These are some things you can do during the lockdown:


1. Take a class. Online.

I know you’re probably thinking why anybody would want to take a course instead of having fun.

Well, fun gets boring quickly when you’re stuck inside; so how about an online course about anything at all.

2. Become the next celebrity chef.

You may already know how to cook, so how about trying new recipes or new ways to make something you’re already good at.

Or maybe now is a good time to learn basic cooking skills if you do not know how to cook.

Just be creative and have fun in the kitchen. You’d be surprised how many hidden talents you have.

3. Become a champion of board games.

Start with one board game, and trust me, you’ll forget about the tv or internet for a while. Besides it is a good way to bond with your family.

Monopoly is the only game that can put me indoors and I won’t even mind. What’s yours?

4. Discover your inner bookworm.

There are tons of free books online; fiction, mystery, biographies, etc.

Personally, I like to get down with a good romance book, and if it’s good, there’s no pulling me out from it.

You heard that movie was based on true events? Read about it!

5. Give your room a makeover.

Clear out your closet, throw out old stuff, reorganize your closet, move tables, change your bed position.

Give your room a totally new look!

6. Show yourself some love.

Start a new skincare routine or start a thirty minutes a day exercise routine. Take care of yourself and your body.
You are all you’ve got!

7. Make a list of all the things you want to do when this is all over.

You can start making a list of all the things you’re going to do when this is all over, and the lockdown is lifted.

I’ve started mine already.

Which one of these is your favourite? And which one are you going to start with?

Meanwhile, share this article with everyone else; we’re all in this together.