After Graduating From The University


In this part of the country, there some common things you bound to experience after graduating.

1. People wanting to know your moves. Here is how it works, you will get congratulation on your successful graduation and next you? You stay at home all day just to chill a bit and they think you are being lazy.

2.  When your mates start making big just graduated and it’s not being up to a month and you see your mate starting up their own things or getting employed by big companies.

That could make you want to duck your head in shame if all you have been doing is eating, drinking and sleeping but not to worry though you can still make a move now and start getting the money in your pocket.

3. You realize being broke for real, at a this stage of your life right after graduating you don’t have job yet and demanding for pocket money is just out of the question since you are suppose to be feeding the big FAM already, you experience the pains of being broke.