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Documents which was shared on public space by Premium Times, revealed the management of Lagos State University (LASU) lied about Prof. Okebukola’s age falsification scandal. Recall that LASU who debunked the earlier report which alleged that Peter Okebukola falsified his age to remain in the service of the university longer than he was allowed by law, had claimed that he has one date of birth. The Coordinator, LASU Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations, Mr Ademola Adekoya who disclosed that Okebukola has one date of birth, added that the records of the professor in LASU’s possession puts it at February 17, 1951.


The investigation by the news platform revealed that Mr Okebukola, a former executive secretary of the National University Commission, used three different birth dates at different times during his 35-year academic career. At different times, he gave his birth dates as February 17, 1948, February 17, 1949, and February 17, 1951. Documents obtained implicated the university’s vice chancellor, Olanrewaju Fagbohun, a protégé of Mr Okebukola, in the age falsification scandal.It was further gathered that the school's VC  withheld the personal file of Mr Okebukola, which prevented the university’s Academic Staff Establishment division from taking steps that would have ensured that the former NUC boss was retired in 2016. 


The original date of birth presented by Mr Okebukola when he was employed by the university in 1984 was February 17, 1949, which would have made him eligible for compulsory retirement on age grounds in 2014. However a new update on the report, revealed that the university vice-chancellor, Olanrewaju Fagbohun, was not only aware of calls by the university’s Academic Staff Establishment division for Mr Okebukola to retire having past his statutory retirement age but also actively prevented the division from ordering Mr Okebukola to retire.


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