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Early childhood education is also known as nursery education, it is a branch of education theory which refers to the teaching of children both formally and informally from birth to the age of eight. This education consists of activities and experiences that are intended to affect developmental changes in children before they commence elementary school.


It emerged as a field of study during the enlightenment particularly in European countries with high literacy rates.

It grew to become the universal primary education in the 19th century .Early childhood education has become a prevalent public issue as some bodies like the municipal state and federal lawmakers consider funding for pre –school

Childhood education has a global scope for educating young children and has always been integral part of human societies.

Arrangements for fulfilling these societal role have evolved over time and remain varied across cultures often reflecting family and community structures as well as the social and economic roles of women and men. 


Studies have shown that the early childhood education is tasky and crucial in preparing children to enter and succeed in the classroom to take off their self sufficiency later in their lives.

So therefore the child need to be taught to rationalize everything and to be open to interpretations and critical thinking.

Early childhood education can produce significant gains in children learning and development.

An example of such include ; children of low social economic status 

The rest often begin school already behind their higher socio economic status on average by the time they are three, children with high senses. Participation in early childhood education however have been prove into increase high school graduation rates, improve performance standardized tests and reduce both grade repetition and the number of children in placed education.

Several studies have repeated that children erolled in early childhood education increase their scores by 4-11 by age  


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