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Beth Martin, 18 with baby Maizie 

Beth Martin, a teenager from Blackpool, underwent extreme physical activity such as army and police riot training as part of her preparation to be part of the UK’s Border Force.

But while the 18-year-old went through rigorous training, she didn’t realise she was actually pregnant.

Staying the same size for most of her pregnancy, Beth, from St Anne’s, put tiredness down to her intensive training. When Beth did a pregnancy test two months before she went into labour, the results came back negative.

Known as a cryptic pregnancy, the baby had grown behind Beth’s ribs, showing no physical bump – and has even failed to show up on two of the tests she did. And when she finally went into labour, she put contraction pains down to a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome.

But 76 hours later, Beth had a little girl who she named Maizie.

‘Someone at work had said I looked pregnant and I remember thinking how rude she was,’ she said. ‘I was doing a course into uniformed public services and had my heart set on becoming part of Border Force. My education was sport based, about 70 hours a week of intense physical activity.

‘The week before I’d had Maizie, I was doing riot police force training, where I had horses chasing me – it seemed surreal.’


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