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PPA is the second stage of your NYSC service year after your 21 days on various orientations camps in the country. The next task for the Corp members is to get transferred to an establishment for his/her PPA.


Therefore, getting a good one is a mission corps members achieve through different means. However, there are ways you could get a good placement on a platter of gold.



Here are things to know about securing a lucrative primary place of assignment after the orientation camp.

1.  Being a member of Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS)


The most effective channel to getting a good PPA is by working in the Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) for the three weeks.


OBS is in charge of tending to sound equipment, dissemination of information and organizing social activities.


The Corp members who join the OBS are often given preferential treatment when it comes to posting to the place of primary assignment. It is a general belief that the good places are meant for them.


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2.  Being an active member of religious groups

At NYSC orientation camps, there are 3 recognized religious organizations - MCAN, the Protestant and Catholic services.


Being an active part of any of these groups ensures preferential treatment when it comes posting at the end of orientation camp. Based on experience, corps members recommended by this bodies are placed at good PPA.


3.  Band members

During events like the swearing in and parades, the band provides live entertainment for marching Corp members. Hence, they are usually rewarded for their hard work just like the earlier mentioned groups.


The band is made up of volunteer Corp members who have either little or broad knowledge of musical instruments like drums, saxophones etc.

It depends on the state, some states are strict about the 'no private firm' rule while some are not so strict. 

In my own case (Lagos state), I went to camp with my request letter,submitted it when we were asked to, but I was not posted to the firm, rather, was posted to a school. 

I did not relent tho, went to the school and got a rejection letter, submitted d rejection letter with another request letter from the same firm, and I got posted to the firm.

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