DEAR SINGLE SISTERS, God Is Saying Something To You. …


Calm down; single sisters surly I know it won’t be long…




Is as if relationship doesn’t work for you…

You have given up on love..

Your relationship, doesn’t last up to 2weeks or even 1month…

Disappointment and heartbreak…

Sometimes; you even ask yourself ” Will I Ever marry?

Your past experience have hardened your heart about men/ ladies…

You don’t even believe in love anymore..

The pressure from your parents; is unbearable.
Mum keep asking ” When will you bring a man home?

And from all indications, age is not on your side..

At Your age no man/ woman to call your own.

People call you a strong woman, but they can’t see your tears..

You think you have found love; disappointment follows..

You had sex with him; he left.

You decided no sex anymore, yet he left..

Promises every month and year, yet no fulfillment.

Sometimes, you look at yourself and you keep asking ” Is there anything wrong I have done?

Your Friends are getting married, you don’t even have a relationship..

Is as if all hope is gone….

The married are disturbing you while the Singles are not serious..

You are in a relationship; yet no sign of positivity.

You smile in the day, but you weep in your closest.

You have done everything necessary to settle down.

But disappointment always knocks at your door.

You want to know what you’re doing wrong..
Yet no answer!

You have shown enough sacrifice to make it work, yet it ends in tears….

Your Disappointment will turn to a testimony..

I decree marital settlement now!

No power will stop your testimony..

May your wedding invitation be announce by the heavens now!