Top Engineering Universities and High-Paying Engineering Jobs in Canada

High-Paying Engineering Jobs in Canada

Engineering Sector in Canada is growing rapidly, and if you looking to find an Engineering Job in Canada, then 2021 is the right year for it. There are so many sectors under the Engineering field in Canada which means there are so many job opportunities to grab for you.

Engineers in Canada are also part of the high earners in Canada, as the salary range usually falls in the range of $78,000 to $150,000 a year depending on which Engineering profession you chose. So, if you are an Engineer looking for a country where you could earn a good salary every year, then Canada should be your chosen destination.

Canada is more open to immigrants now more than ever especially given that the country as well as the entire world has been affected by the pandemic. This year might be your chance to land that high-paying engineering career you have so much desired.

Why You Should Choose to Immigrate to Canada

 Aside from the fact that Engineering jobs are very lucrative and high-paying, Canada offers an easy pathway for immigrants in the Engineering field to immigrate easily. If you have a good number of years of working experience, education, language proficiency, and you meet other criteria that allow you to immigrate and work in Canada, then you should consider moving to Canada today.

There are so many programs you could apply in other to move to Canada faster, but first, you should consider creating an online Express Entry profile so that you can easily be found and nominated to immigrate to Canada.

High-Paying Engineering Jobs in Canada

There are so many Engineering occupations and jobs in Canada available for international workers. So many firms are looking for great talents in different Engineering sectors all that is required is that you have the skill to fill up the position. You should also know that more preferences are given to citizens, permanent residents, and graduates from a university or college in Canada.

Biomedical Engineer$51,200 to $151,000
Project Management$56,250 to $150,000
Civil Engineer$62,000 to $135,732
Government Sector Engineer$50,764 to $122,880
Mechanical Engineer$39,379 to $110,764
Software Engineer$92,088 to $110,764
Electric Engineer$74,992 to $107,500
Engineering Inspector$66,000 to $95,000
Structural Engineer$66,000 to $95,000
Transportation Engineer$66,000 to $95,000
Architect$66,000 to $95,000
Geotechnical Engineer$56,121 to $92,313

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