Prof Richard on 19th sept September is; when Prof Richard Mibei’s term as Vice Chancellor ended which saw the education cabinet secretary, cabinet secretary, Dr. Fred matiangi appiont prof.laban Ayiro appointed as vice appoint Prof. Laban Ayiro appointment as vice chancellor is; an acting capacity.


This did not go down well with the north Rift leaders led the government mandago.

Despite that, On September 3th this year, Dr Matiangi extended the appointment of moi university acting VC by six months. In the months of December last year was; appointed as new vice chancellor.

For the short time that AYIRO has been; in office, exception development are visible in moi university.


If you dumped into a students to give an option on our vice- chancellor, they would definitely tell you that professor has moved the institution a couple strides away compared to the former administration.

Under his chancellorship the general physical out look of the school has been; improved such that you cannot fail to notice the eye seeking administration block surrounding that is now under renovation along side the planting of flowers.

VC Ayiro has been; seen it to that nightmare of poor accommodation in the institutions turns into pleasant dream.

The hostels is; MOI have existed since when the institution has existed since when the institution started I’m the mid 90s and have never been renovated since then.

Security has quite improved in the institutions evident from the floodlight there have set up in all corners of institution . the modern gates is; also under construction .