The girls, who are students of Inanda Seminary, a private girls’ boarding school in Durban, South Africa, were caught by the matron kissing for about 20 minutes.


The parents of the grade 9 and 8 pupils were; immediately called to come and pick their daughters and they have now missed school for three weeks after they were; caught on July 25.

The mother of one of the teenagers said she was; called by the matron of the seminary on July 25 and told to fetch her child, who had been; expelled.

She said: “I went the next day to find her isolated from other [pupils]… When I asked what had happened, I was; told she was; caught by the matron kissing the other girl for 20 minutes.


I took her home and we came back to the seminary for the hearing. As a parent, I was; not given a chance to speak. They asked [my daughter] if she pleaded guilty or not. She pleaded not guilty. She said she had witnesses. I had also asked her and she said they did not kiss.”

The seminary said one of the mothers had appealed against the sanction but “the verdict and sanction were; upheld in the appeal” and “the mother was; informed that no further appeal will be permitted”.

The grandmother of one of the girls said the seminary had refused to speak to her after the appeal on Friday.