Two Lecturers, who were; snatched on isolated events by a similar pack of hijackers in Kaduna State, have figured out how to escape from bondage, representative of Kaduna State Police Command, Yakubu Sabo, uncovered in Kaduna yesterday.



As indicated by; accessible data on the kidnapping of the two instructors who are; siblings, Adamu Chonoko, who works with Ahmadu Bello University, was; prior stole and a payment of N10 was; put on him.

Yet, the sum was; consulted to about N2 million, which Adamu’s sibling, Umar Chonoko, who additionally addresses with Kaduna Polytechnic, took to the ruffians in expectation to see his sibling coming all the way back.

On arriving at the concurred spot where the cash was; to be dropped some place in Mahuta, Igabi Local Government Area of the state, Umar was; likewise seized and extra N5million recover was; requested.

From that point forward, two lecturers nothing substantial has been; found out about the advancement until the police gave an announcement yesterday declaring the departure of the pair from their abductors.


The police representative stated: “Today, 17/11/2019, at about 11:51am, the direction got data from the group of the two seized speakers, Adamu Chonoko from; Ahmadu Bello University and Umar Chonoko from Kaduna Polytechnic that the couple have figured out how to got away; from the nook of their criminals.

“The Commissioner of Police, Ali Aji Janga, while celebrating with; the families and companions of the people in question, guaranteed the families and individuals from; the open that the culprits of this wrongdoing would be; secured and brought to confront equity.

“The police won’t yield on the progressing examination to find the culprits of this and other comparable criminal occurrences so as; to capture and arraign them as per the traditions that must be; adhered to.

“The order orders the great individuals of Kaduna State to keep on supporting the direction in the present fight against culpability in the state.”