Bad habit Chancellor of University of Jos UNIJOS VC rejects , Prof. Sebastian Maimako, has turned down assignment by; an online distribution, COA Media for the honor of Plateau Man of the Year.



Maimako, in an announcement by the college’s Deputy Registrar, Media and Information, Mr. Abdullahi, the bad habit chancellor communicated his thankfulness to the; coordinators of the honors for believing him qualified to be named close by; four other truly striking and exceptionally cultivated Plateau State indigenes who have separated themselves in their different fields of attempts and buckling down alongside others; to contribute their share towards making Plateau extraordinary.

He stated: “To have been; so recognized amidst innumerable Unijos VC rejects Plateau indigenes who are day by; day exceeding expectations and making permanent checks in their picked fields of try is in itself a sign of amazing privilege.”

In any case, turning down the assignment, Maimako, notwithstanding, said; he accepted “this isn’t the ideal time to get such; an honor as; a serving community worker who accepts there is still significantly more to be accomplished and substantially more to be; practiced before he at long last withdraws from; the finish of his residency.”

He included that “as experts, we as; a whole have various necessities for releasing our commands and taking part in such; a program may not be useful as of now.”


Maimako said; if the honor coordinators had implied him of their choice before hand, he would have happily educated them regarding this conviction and would experience spared them the difficulty of including his name among; those being designated.

“Educator Maimako would thusly wish to submissively decrease his assignment and inclinations COA Media to continue without; him on their rundown of those penciled down for thought for the honor,” the announcement included.

While taking note of that his choice was; not the slightest bit intended to disapprove the significance or renown connected to such acknowledgment, the bad habit chancellor said he accepted that with the variety of famous characters designated for the honor, the program will; undoubtedly be a triumph and wished the coordinators more noteworthy accomplishment in their future undertakings.

He likewise communicated significant gratefulness to every one of the individuals who had communicated enthusiasm for his designation by; deciding in favor of him and sued for their comprehension.