Unilorin Bans Students From Wearing Hair Attachments

Unilorin also bans all hair extensions with colours such as blue, yellow, green, red and purple are not acceptable. The university of illorin had banned its female students from wearing hair attachments and all forms of colourful hair extensions.


In a statement released on Monday January 22, the university management stated that every female students must comply with the university dress code as dressing decently according to the management is; a reflection of individual character and personlity.

A student of the university who spoke with student pulse said I don’t think they are; going to implement it because virtually all the female students in the school use hair attachments they are talking about is; the long and flashy hair I don’t think they will ban wear on.

I dont know why they are banning this now probably because they are banning this now probably because; they current vice-chancellor of unilorin came from an Alhilnat, an Islamic university in Ilorin. A ban on trouser for female students in faculty of education to be; precise were caught and they stopped then from wearing trousers.


Some lecturer don’t like to see female students wear trousers to their classes and some other don’t care about what you wear. However information gathered from the university website about dress code confirms the ban on their; attachments, trousers and clothing for both male and female students.

female students.

UNILORIN bans female students from wearing hair attachment